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My career is rich of many experiences as an Entrepreneur and a Management consultant, giving me the opportunity to advise a wide range of clients (more than 30 SME & Professionals, and 5 Multi-national companies) on various topics like business development, business management, operational and financial pilotage, governance, digitalization and mergers & acquisitions (see my profile on LinkedIn). In early 2016, after a few months working on my new professional project, I have founded my 4th company and I am now Managing Director of La Business Factory. I am also a dedicated and engaged Executive & Business Coach for entrepreneurs and managers. My clients are based in Geneva, Lausanne, Annecy, Neuchatel and Paris. I am also a Speaker and Expert for conferences on entrepreneurship.

2 Comments on "Paroles d’Entrepreneurs : David Audin / Print Impression"

  1. Les designers de cette entreprise semblent être très bons, vu leur logo !

  2. Un vrai expert !

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